Elevation Chemicals
Marquis Mandelin Mecke And Simon's Reagent Test Kit

The Molecule Package: Marquis Mandelin Mecke And Simon's Reagent Testing Kit

With the purchase of this collection you will receive five 5 mL bottles: One Marquis, mecke, mandelin and simon's (A+B) reagent, as well as a testing vial, reaction identification cards, and instructions on how to use the reagents.

 (For a list of compounds that are testable using this kit, please just message us and we will quickly reply)

Each bottle is good for over 50 tests


PLEASE READ: By purchasing these reagents you acknowledge that you have the knowledge and skill required to handle the chemicals contained within them. These reagents contain corrosive chemicals such as sulfuric acid and must be handled properly.Proper lab attire must be used at all time when using them. Please use gloves and safety goggles. By purchasing these reagents you are contractually agreeing that you are liable for the safe handling of the reagents, and that the seller is not responsible for your use(or misuse) of them.