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Frequently Asked Questions


I have never heard of Elevation Chemicals, who are you are why should we purchase from your company over the other big names?

We’re actually not a new company, we just have a new name. We were the most popular vendor of reagent testing reagents on amazon and ebay when they allowed the sale of reagent test kits, operating under the name Quality Chemical Co , this is just our personal website.

As for why you should purchase from us over our competitors, the reason is simply price. We’re the cheapest retailer of chemical testing reagents in the US. Period.

Our prices will not be beat and we use the same standardized formulas for our reagent kits that all of our competitors use.

Simply put, the only difference between us and the other guys is a cheaper price.


What exactly do these kits do?

These are chemical solutions that are helpful for compound identification. They can be used as confirmatory test but they are not able to identify with 100% certainty what substance you’re testing.

In short, they are a good confirmatory test, but they are not a substitute for a laboratory analysis such as gas chromatography mass spectrometry, which is the gold standard for compound identification.


How do I know what reagents I need?

We are more than happy to recommend specific reagents, please just message us and tell us what you are testing for.


How do I use this kit?

Instructions are provided with each package and you can email us with any further questions you may have about using the test kit.


What are the pebbles in the bag that I received?

As a safety precaution for shipment, we pack each reagent in vermiculite. The vermiculite and bag that it’s contained in can be discarded after the reagent has safely arrived.


What are you shipping times like and how are the packages labeled and shipped?

PS. Orders placed before 9pm central time will go out the following day (any orders placed after that will go out the day after). We ship Monday through Friday. Packages ordered with free shipping typically take 3-7 days to be delivered. Priority shipping typically arrives within 2-5 days.

The package comes in a plain bubble mailer that doesn’t mention anything having to do with chemicals.


I tested your reagent on sugar and aspirin and I didn’t get the result I was expecting, is your test kit bad?

This is going to be one area that I disagree with the literature online. Sugar and aspirin do not react reliably and are not a good way to test if you reagent is good.


How long do the test kits stay good for and how should I store them?

The reagents will last for over a year if stored inside the freezer when not in use. The fridge isn’t good enough, they must be stored in the freezer. Simon’s A/B will freeze and requires some time to thaw before it can be used, but all other reagents will not freeze completely.


What are some tests you recommend to see if my reagent is still good?

Instead of sugar and aspirin, I like to recommend that people use benedryl (diphenhydramine) to test if their marquis/mecke is still good.

Benedryl will cause marquis/mecke to quickly turn a bright yellowish orange.

For ehrlich I recommend using melatonin powder and looking for a purplish color change.


My test kit changed color a little, does that mean it’s no good?

Not at all. Some color change will occur shortly after bottling the reagents and it occurs regardless of the container used. To maximize the shelf life of these reagents and to reduce color change, make sure to store the reagents in the freezer when not in use.


Do you offer overnight shipping?

Yes please just select the overnight shipping option when checking out. Please keep in mind only order placed before 8 A.M will go out the same day they are ordered.


Do you accept bitcoin?

Yes, just proceed to the checkout like you were going to use a credit card and there is an option there to use bitcoin instead of credit cards.


PLEASE READ: By purchasing these reagents you acknowledge that you have the knowledge and skill required to handle the chemicals contained within them. These reagents contain corrosive chemicals such as sulfuric acid and must be handled properly.Proper lab attire must be used at all time when using them. Please use gloves and safety goggles. By purchasing these reagents you are contractually agreeing that you are liable for the safe handling of the reagents, and that the seller is not responsible for your use(or misuse) of them.

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