Fraud Blocker How To Tell If Drug Testing Reagents Have Expired? | Elevation Chemicals

A common question we get here at Elevation Chemicals is “How do I know if my drug testing reagents have expired?” Maybe you bought them last festival season and kept them out of the freezer for a year. Well, we decided to help you out by making a series of videos showing you what the results of various reagent reactions with over the counter drugs most people can find in their home.


How do I know if my MDMA test is still good?

For MDMA a good over the counter control test is diphenhydramine, also known as benedryl. The substance is found in generic allergy pills which can be found at any dollar stores for a single dollar. The reaction you want to see with this is an early burnt orange, changing to a dark orange/brown over the period of a minute. Here is a link to a video we made for your convenience Marquis Reagent Control Test

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